Together, we can change the 'same old,' dysfunctional ways of doing things in Washington and in South Carolina!  

Let's cultivate a new type of leadership and citizenship that transcends party and politics as usual.   With our state and nation at
a crossroads, now more than ever,
your mind, your heart and your participation in government are needed.  

Your solutions and action are needed particularly in areas where South Carolina lags behind other states:  education,
employment, environment, small business, poverty, smart growth, health care, sensible taxation, transportation, regional
planning, affordable housing, crime, domestic violence, women in politics, sexual orientation and gender equality, race relations,
attracting growth industries.  If you are weary of being at the top of the list for the bad - and the bottom for the good - use this
site as your own to educate and organize South Carolinians for action.

Help spread the word that this is the place to look more deeply into issues, share thoughts, ideas, and action.  
This is the place to expose political corruption and waste.
This is the place for information and resources.  
This is the place to begin to create a responsive and responsible government.  

Very best,
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Former Site of Ketner for Congress
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