Together, we can change the 'same old,' dysfunctional ways of doing things in
Washington and in South Carolina!  

Let's cultivate a new type of leadership and citizenship that transcends party and
politics as usual.   With our state and nation at a crossroads, now more than
your mind, your heart and your participation in government are needed.  

Your solutions and action are needed particularly in areas where South Carolina
lags behind other states:  education, employment, environment, small business,
poverty, smart growth, health care, sensible taxation, transportation, regional
planning, affordable housing, crime, domestic violence, women in politics, sexual
orientation and gender equality, race relations, attracting growth industries.  If
you are weary of being at the top of the list for the bad - and the bottom for the
good - use this site as your own to educate and organize South Carolinians for

Help spread the word that this is the place to look more deeply into issues,
share thoughts, ideas, and action.  This is the place to expose political
corruption and waste. This is the place for information and resources.  This
is the place to begin to create a responsive and responsible government.  

Very best,
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Dear Friends,

I am deeply grateful to the hundreds of you
who worked toward petitioning me as an
Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate and
to the thousands who have already signed the

When asked to consider such a candidacy, I
agreed to think about it because I understand
and respect the frustration and
disappointment of the Senate primary, and of
the general sad-state of government.  I share
it.  We deserve better.

A key reason we were able to run a
competitive 2008 campaign for Congress in
the First District was you, our caring and
engaged supporters.  You gave your time,
talents and resources freely and
enthusiastically as you are doing now in the
petition drive.  

Also essential to our 48% showing was that
we had the time, team and money to run that
race very well.   During the weeks since the
Petition Initiative was presented to me, I have
exhaustively considered all the ways that we
might mount a similarly strong campaign in
the short 3 1/2 months left to us.  Sadly, I
have concluded that at this late date, it's just
not possible to assemble the team and
resources we need to mount the effective
campaign we all want.  

Bottom line:   yes, we deserve - and
desperately need - better government, but a
last minute campaign without essential
resources won't get us that outcome.  

And so, with great appreciation and humility, I
thank those who participated in this initiative,
and announce I will not accept a petition
candidacy.  I have asked that the drive be

I know this is disheartening to those who
worked so hard, but I hope you'll appreciate
that you did something important.

At a time when people talk endlessly and
seldom take action to right a political system
that no longer operates in the best interest of
the American people, you took action.

Our country needs you, our state needs you,
to keep working for a more agile,  more
focused government led by elected
representatives who are motivated to put
Americans first, smart enough to find
solutions, and who are not courtesans to
special interests.

This election, I hope that you will find
candidates for whom you have respect and
help send them to Columbia or Washington.    
I, with you, will continue to work on behalf of a
responsive and responsible government; and
will hope for future opportunities to serve our

With gratitude and respect,


information from petition organizers at

Hi folks,

With the announcement of the "Ketner
Petition Campaign," my email, phone and
Facebook messages have exploded.  If you
don't know what I'm referring to, it's at

With no staff, my response time to your
questions and comments will be slow and I
hope you'll understand

I didn't initiate or know anything about this
petition campaign until Tuesday evening.  As
my friend and former Finance Director, Doug
Warner, said in his quote from an article in
Politico, "What we asked her is, 'Don't
commit, start thinking about it, let us get the
signatures and then we will decide.'" And
that's where I am on it.

I appreciate what my friends and supporters
are doing but I'm not going to comment on it
right now.

I'm deeply appreciative of the interest, and if
10,000 or more registered voters sign a
petition, it's something I would take very

Of this I am sure ... none of us have the luxury
of giving up on good government. There's
simply too much at stake.

Very best,
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